As sports people we tend to push our bodies hard, sometimes not allowing for enough recovery and sleep in the pursuit of balancing work, life and sport.

Sports massage not only helps sort out injuries, it can also keep you on track with your training plan, rejuvenating you after a hard training session or identifying potential problems before they develop.

Regardless of you being an Elite athlete or a mother who suffers from back pain after lifting her child, sports massage can help.

Sports massage is not about causing as much pain as possible by sticking elbows into sore muscles. It is about working at the depth needed, and within your pain tolerance. The manipulation of soft tissue prior to and after exercise promotes physical, physiological, neurological and psychological changes that aid performance and particularly recovery. Some examples of the benefits of sports massage are:

· The release of muscle tension and pain

· The removal of waste products such as acetic acid and carbon dioxide

· Reduced discomfort of DOMS as a result of vigorous exercise

· And improved posture and flexibility